Saturday, September 8, 2018

Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale

This is a collection of orchestrated tracks from Final Fantasy VI, opening with the theme that plays during the introductory cutscenes before transitioning to Tina/Terra’s theme, doubling as the overworld music in the World of Balance, with some nice flourishes such as bells. Next comes Cefca/Kefka’s theme, which has some soft and hard moments that reflects the character quite well. Afterward is the orchestrated version of “The Mystic Forest,” though within the game it was also used for many caverns, using flutes for the main notes, and sounding beautiful and enigmatic.

Then comes Gau’s somber theme, played mostly with violins, a piece that is difficult to hear with dry eyes afterward. “Milan de Chocobo” is an upbeat version of the Final Fantasy franchise’s chocobo theme, with soft and hard portions and original flourishes. “Troops March On” is an intense militaristic theme played for the Empire’s army, conveying its force quite well with drum highlights. “Kids Run Through the City Corner” is one of the main town themes, sounding beautiful when played with harpsichords and violins. “Blackjack” is the World of Balance airship theme, much softer than it is in the game but gorgeous and adventurous nonetheless.

Relm’s theme is a somber piece played with bagpipes for some of the main notes, somewhat reflecting its instrumentation within the game. The penultimate piece is the train theme, which sounds somewhat jazzy with piano flourishes. The last theme on this soundtrack is “Aria Di Mezzo Carattere,” better known as Celes’ theme and one of the pieces played during the opera in the game, which has actual vocals, and while this reviewer couldn’t really tell which language they were in, they were definitely poignant, and the tune rounds out the soundtrack nicely.

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