Tuesday, September 4, 2018



In Terry Goodkind’s conclusion to both the first main plot arc of his Sword of Truth saga and the Chainfire trilogy, Richard has become a player of the Imperial Order’s favorite sport of Ja’La dh Jin, the so-called game of life, going by the name Ruben Rybnik to mask his position as Lord of D’Hara, playing a few games throughout the story. In the meantime, his wife Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, is still suffering from amnesia as a captive of Emperor Jagang, and Chase’s adoptive daughter Rachel is on the run from the sorceress Six.

The boxes of Orden and The Book of Counted Shadows hold the key to the future of the New World that culminates in a series of battles and twists towards the end, with many characters from earlier novels in the series having time in the spotlight. This reviewer had read all the original books in the series in physical form, and while the writing could have definitely been tighter, and Goodkind’s editor as usual didn’t do a very good job, he still enjoyed the series, although he can certainly understand why others don’t like it as much.

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