Sunday, July 22, 2018

Naked Empire

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In the eighth main entry of author Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth series, Richard and Kahlan are traveling through the Old World with their new companion Jennsen and her goat Betty, with avian creatures known as races in service to Emperor Jagang tracking them. During their trip, Richard is in the process of translating an ancient text, and in the meantime, his grandfather Zedd wanders the deserted streets of Aydindril after the recent attack by the Imperial Order. Richard and company ultimately enter the titular nation, the Bandakar Empire, where he is poisoned and must race against the clock to find a permanent antidote.

The Imperial Order also capture Zedd and his fellow magician Adie, the Emperor exhibiting them as nadirs among those crusading against his oppressive rule. Richard and friends also deal with one of the primary antagonists of the story, Nicholas the Slide, who specializes in soul-stealing and desires to become an Emperor himself. The action intensifies towards the end, accounting for another satisfactory story in the series, although the author sometimes diverts between perspectives within the same chapters, of which there are many, and gives no map of the Old World. Even so, those who enjoyed the book’s predecessors will likely enjoy Naked Empire.

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