Sunday, July 29, 2018


Incarnation by James Todd Lewis

This novel by James Todd Lewis begins his Beyond Thuria series, a sequel franchise to his Thurian Saga, although reading those particular stories are somewhat necessary to make the most of what goes on in this entry. It begins with Vanarra feeling her tenure as a Grand Matriarch is coming to an end, with a potential successor to her house being Acosta. Reports suggest that Van’s friend Sahnassa committed suicide by leaping into the deep crevice of an ocean floor, with Van having occasional telepathic experiences throughout the story, dreams playing part for various characters as well.

A twist early on in the story affects Van’s view of her world, with the mixed-blooded one having occasional substories such as escorting the young heir apparent of the Tentalian Homogony from the political haven of Regas Nine to the Tantalian homeworld. Van also immerses herself in Thurian society, having not been on the world for a while, visiting the Pinnacle Academy, finding herself both fascinated and disappointed by Thurian life. She also serves as a volunteer at the hospital Shanandrae Commons, helping various troubled patients.

Central to the plot later on in the novel is religious conflict between sects with Van and Sahni as their figureheads, and the book ends with talk of the de Allarrae. Overall, this was an enjoyable start to Lewis’ sequel series to his original Thurian Saga, although those who haven’t read its predecessors will undoubtedly be lost, and this entry doesn’t do much to really stand out on its own. As with prior entries of the franchise, Incarnation too would have benefited from analogies to actual Earth animals, but even so, fans of the author’s original series will enjoy this beginning of a trilogy.

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