Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Siamese Cat"

This is a sonnet I wrote since I was paired with an artist who will depict it in her painting sometime this summer:

Siamese cat from the land of the Thai
Born white as snow with brown indication,
I shall love you until the day you die,
More than a mere pet in subjugation.
In age black and brown overtake whiteness
And sometimes upon the lap you do rise.
Under mistreatment you bite and you hiss,
And in the sunlight, photosynthesize.
I love cold kisses from your button nose
Though you sometimes struggle to flee my hugs.
I further love how you on my bed doze
And make mincemeat out of roaches and bugs.
O frisky feline of ancient Siam,
Sometimes fitful, but gentle as a lamb.

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