Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sonar the Cyclone

Author B. Truly dedicates the second main entry of her Sonar Trilogy to her writing partner Kathleen Montemajor, her mother Dianna Simpson, her editor Laura Kennedy, and her son Jamail Gaines and his best friend Nicholas Stone, who gave insight that provided the final scene in the story. Unlike the book’s predecessor, Melanie’s Evanescent Journey, Sonar the Cyclone is almost entirely a pure science-fiction story, opening with a prologue that exposes the conflict raging through the Sonar Galaxy, where the planets of Kadan, ruled by King Julius, and Polaris, ruled by King Zeus, are in conflict, with both sides plotting against one another.

The majority of the novel is told through the first-person perspectives of two women, Syira and Shiray, the latter nicknamed Shi. The former is in love with a rogue containing teleportation abilities named Kadeem, with occasional sexual scenes between him and Syira. The narrative takes several turns that change the lives of the primary characters, with the two-part epilogue told through the perspective of Kadeem. Ultimately, this is an enjoyable science-fiction novel that makes occasional reference to Planet Earth, although there are many forgettable aspects of the story. Even so, this book is recommended reading to those who typically enjoy books in the science-fiction genre.

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