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This novel, translated from Portuguese, is dedicated to the author’s sons Gabriel and Eduardo, and begins with a brief prologue about a child asking what an android is, somewhat appropriate given that the child of two International Olympic Committee workers, Andre, son of Mario and Elizabeth, was born without feet. The first part of the novel focuses on the couple moving around the world to various venues hosting Olympics, at first starting with the forthcoming Paralympics in 1991, although the book takes readers back to Rio de Janiero in 1983, with factoids about the IOC being strict when it came to corporate sponsorship.

Elizabeth then goes to South Korea on the occasion that Seoul is to host the Olympics in 1988, taking a liking to the city and gathering data about disabled individuals that wish to see some sort of participation in the Olympics. In 1988, Mario is transferred to Barcelona for its forthcoming Olympic Games, and goes back to his hometown of Rio in 1991 to visit his parents, finding his room largely unchanged since his departure from home. More tidbits come such as the fact that cities that have hosted the Olympics like Barcelona have seen drastic improvements to their infrastructure, true for future Games.

Andre gradually grows up and attends school throughout the world, doing well and ultimately making it a goal to be a professional biker in the Paralympics. There are some occasional confusing moments in the story such as how this reviewer wasn’t clear on Andre’s disability until late in the story, but the theme of overcoming adversity somewhat plays well to this writer, who has had his ups and downs in life since his infantile autism diagnosis. The novel ends on a high note with notes of the forthcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janiero in 2016, and is overall a recommended read.

Author's Bio:

In my mind, words came in strides. They aligned themselves in arguments that were ready for combat after rebelling themselves - and that was just inkling. Where was my certainty to support the new image? And where were my emotions, with their brushes to bring color to life?"

Born in the interior of the state of Paraná, Cassia Cassitas accumulated various degrees throughout her career in Information Technology. The author of three novels, her texts convey ideas accumulated amidst the smell of coffee plantations, shoe factories, and the technology of the 20th century. These texts deal with life-altering episodes, in a path lit by a harmonious blend of memories and imagination.

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