Thursday, July 1, 2021

Dark Space III: Origin

Origin (Dark Space, #3)Origin by Jasper T. Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This entry of author Jasper T. Scott’s Dark Space series opens three years After Exodus, with Destra Ortane attempting to survive on the world of Ritan, with Admiral Hoff Heston by her side and seeing a vision of the lost world of Origin. In present day, ten years AE, Ethan Ortane is incarcerated for having impersonated Supreme Overlord Altarian Dominic, with his love Alara vowing to free him, and Ethan suffers violent interrogation. Meanwhile, Deck Commander Loba Caldin salvages fuel and components from the Defiant to give the vessel Rescue a chance to reach Obsidian Station.

Furthermore, the main antagonist of the series, Alec Brondi, finds the ship he had stolen, the Valiant, to be the continued target of sabotage by the sneaky Gor Roan. The book returns to the year 3 AE, with Destra wandering Ritan, and a doctor rescuing her as the Sythians attack the world, and is the final time the third entry goes back in time, with Destra’s fate settled. That Ethan had been a married man causes Alara distress, and Admiral Heston somewhat struggles with his shaky alliance with the Gors, a number of events causing wavering loyalties.

Ethan further vows to deactivate the slave chip causing Alara to think she’s one of Brondi’s playgirls named Angel, and his son Atton has his own problems to deal with. Several twists about throughout the third installment that are key to its events, with a number of battles occurring, and Ethan Ortane having to confront his past. The occasional bounds back a few minutes or hours somewhat hamper the book’s chronology, but overall I found it a satisfying read like its predecessors, and will definitely continue reading the series to see what happens next in its universe.

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