Monday, April 19, 2021

A Solitary Evening

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Volume four of P.C. Hatter’s Kaiser Wrench / Poached Parody series opens with the tiger detective walking Manhattan on a cold night, pondering the nature of killing, and trying to rescue a doe hassled by a sable; while Kaiser offs the sable, the doe jumps off the bridge. After heading to the police station, Kaiser talks with his German Shepard associate Duke, the two observing notched green communist identification cards, with a lapine State Senate candidate, Douglas Hopper, a suspect in related murders. The detective infiltrates several communist meetings, with several twists unraveling towards the end.

All in all, despite the greater political slant of this entry of the series of novellas, none of whatever sociopolitical commentary it may have is really ham-fisted, with this entry of the franchise adopting a more neutral route as far as its politics goes. It’s definitely a great read for those with limited reading time, and is sure to please fans of a good mystery not to mention members of the furry fandom, and the series’ signature twists come in full force towards the end of the narrative. I definitely don’t regret purchasing these stories and will continue reading the series.

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