Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Tech Mage

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The first entry of Chris Fox’s Magitech Chronicles series is a mix of science-fiction and fantasy, opening with a hunt of tech demons. One of the primary protagonists, Aran, is conscripted into the Confederate Marines as a “wipe,” a term used to describe those who have their memories wiped. Aran and his companion Nara endure training as Tech Mages, and face several battles that put their skills to the test, notably against space dragons known as Void Wyrms. A race known as the Krox also serve as antagonists, with Aran stuck between a rock and a hard place as to whether he wants to serve.

Most of the book involves Aran wrestling with the choices of abandoning his service and surviving, although doing so would open his galaxy to Krox conquest, and he’s forced to trust the very people who conscripted him. All in all, this was an okay book, although I didn’t find it particularly memorable, with the chapters being generally short and not having much action, although that does somewhat make it a quicker read than usual. I definitely appreciated the mix of science-fiction and fantasy akin to the Star Wars franchise, and am still interested in how this particular series will progress.

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