Thursday, June 25, 2020

Chasing Colton's Tail

Chasing Colton's Tail by Todd Aldrington 

This furry novella, in which the author writes “himself,” opens with protagonist Todd Jackson Aldrington, a blue raccoon, indicating that others hail him as a hero for winning a basketball game. Todd’s primary target of affection is the fox Colton Vincent, with a mysterious note serving as a catalyst for much of the story’s events. Colton doesn’t have any friends at Sekada High, largely due to his unfriendly personality, with his twin sister Courtney asking Todd to the prom. At first, Todd is adversarial towards Colton, using the prom to shame him, although the two ultimately become a couple.

All in all, this was a short and somewhat-sweet story with some occasional commentary on religion that doesn’t border on negative, although aside from the cast of anthropomorphic characters, it doesn’t do a whole lot to distinguish itself from other LGBT stories that feature humans, and uses the real world as a setting instead of its own universe. There’s also a lot of obligatory swearing throughout the novella, and the few scenes of intimacy aren’t all that alluring. This story very much has limited appeal, with furries in particular likely to get the most of it.

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