Thursday, May 7, 2020

Realms of the Dragons

“Soulbound” by Paul S. Kemp –Avnon Des the Seer, First Demarch of the Conclave of the Hall of Shadows, wakes from a vision sensing something amiss. In the meantime, Kesson Rel, first Chosen of the Shadow God, magically controlling the dragon Furlinastis, whom he has murder the clergy.

“First Flight” by Edward Bolme – A magician named Serreg studies the blight of the land, excavating the earth while doing so and unleashing subterranean beasts. He receives a weapon from a god that can transform his appearance, and in the end becomes a dragon, making his lair in a swamp.

“Gorlist’s Dragon” by Elaine Cunningham – Gorlist is a fledgling magician who refuses a book as a gift and instead yearns to be a gladiator like his mother, who sells him into slavery, during which he becomes a seasoned fighter, battling a dragon towards the end.

“The Keeper of Secrets” by Ed Greenwood – Mirt and Durnan seek a woman known as the Keeper of Secrets, with dragons ultimately terrorizing their city.

“The Topaz Dragon” by Jess Lebow – Thieves steal the egg of the dragoness Kraxx, who threatens a pirate crew with death if they don’t retrieve it for her, with a battle against a dracolich occurring.

“Wickless in the Nether” by R.A. Salvatore – Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle get involved in a rivalry between rival businesses Tazmikella’s Bag of Silver and Ilnezhara’s Gold Coins, with a magical flute serving as the story’s MacGuffin.

“Serpestrillvyth” by Richard Baker – Erzimar rides into the town of Pelldith Lake with the Argent Hawk, meeting aldermen who tell of a dragon that killed all members of the Fellowship of the Sundered Shield. Selran guides an expedition into the dragon’s lair, with battle naturally breaking out.

“Waylaid” by Thomas M. Reid – Half-elf Lynaelle Dawnmantle is in the clutch of the dragon Torixileos, Master of the Blizzard, Bringer of Icy Agony, and Lord of the Frozen Mountain, who tasks her to find the thief of its treasure, among the main culprits being the orc Starglimmer.

“Standard Delving Procedure” by Lisa Smedman – Dwarf thieves Frivaldi and Durin approach a lair no one’s entered for seven millennia, encountering several traps and battling the dragonkin.

“An Icy Heart” by Voronica Whitney-Robinson – The dragon turtle Chorael saves the life of a human fisherman, although there’s more to the individual she rescues.

“Penitential Rites” by Keith Francis Strohm – The half-dragon Drakken Thaal attends the funeral of a priest whom he thinks he murdered, and seeks the true culprit of the death, even if it’s himself.

“How Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth” by Dave Gross – Talbot Uskevren, head of a group of actors, refuses to take commissions, although he comes around, and stages a play about King Krion.
“Beer with a Fat Dragon” by Don Bassingthwaite – A traveling caravan headed by Tycho finds an oasis and enters the tavern of the enigmatic Ong, with some dragon mythos in the mix.

“The Prisoner of Hulburg” by Richard Lee Byers – Pavel Shemov fights pales around his sailboat along with his halfling companion Will Turnstone, a demon, and a dragon named Vercevoran.

Overall, this was a good sampling of dragon-related Forgotten Realms stories, although some of the name choices are a bit odd.

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