Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dragon Quest: Your Story

An Adaptation Distillation of the JRPG Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride that definitely doesn't hide its videogame roots, given many screenshots and even the introductory sequence from the game upon which it's based. It follows a young boy, Luca Gotha, son of Pankraz, through a few generations, with the search for his mother proving central. The visuals are stunning, combining elements of realism with Akira Toriyama's anime style, and there's plenty of music from series composer Koichi Sugiyama, mostly from the Zenithian Dragon Quest trilogy, although there are tracks from the Erdrick trilogy and the post-Zenithian Dragon Quests. It deviates very heavily from the game, unsurprising since it would be impossible to cram an entire RPG into an hour-plus film, and while it's enjoyable, though it somewhat jumps the shark towards the end. I definitely don't regret seeing it, though, just be in for many surprises, positive and negative, especially if you really liked the game it's based on.

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