Saturday, October 12, 2019

High Noon

High Noon poster.jpg

Because I thought it would resound with me, given its themes, I decided to give this classic monochrome western a look, and definitely don’t regret it. It follows a marshal portrayed by Gary Cooper, Will Kane, who marries and is on the brink of retiring until he hears of an old nemesis, Frank Miller, coming to terrorize the town he’s about to leave, and he wants to deal with him. However, the townspeople are reluctant to help him, even though the town would have gone without a marshal for a few days, with Kane feeling that the town wouldn’t be safe during that time.

I can definitely relate to Cooper’s character, since there have been many times, particularly when I was in grade school and over the worldwide web, where I feel no one would stand with me in times of crisis, and I was basically on my own in those cases. The film in its time was analogous to the McCarthy hearings, and rightfully evoked controversy, given that few would stand with the blacklisted actors, writers, and filmmakers. I certainly don’t think of the Cold War as entirely black and white, and neither side in the struggle was infallible, a view I again think is responsible for all evil and conflict in the world.

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