Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Talismans of Shannara


*possible spoilers for previous books*

The final entry of author Terry Brooks’ Heritage of Shannara tetralogy opens with First Seeker Rimmer Dall strewing over the loss of Coil Ohmsford from his captivity, the Ohmsford having served the Druids long in the Four Lands. Coil’s brother Par, in the meanwhile, possesses the fabled Sword of Shannara, although he has doubts that it’s the genuine article, given the apparent lack of magical capability, and joins Padishar Creel and the Mole to rescue Damson Rhee from imprisonment. At the Druid keep Paranor, moreover, Walker Boh sees the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who harass the stronghold throughout the story.

Coil also perpetually deals with the possession by a Shadowen, and receives regular thoughts about committing fratricide. Meantime, Morgan Leah visits the Whistledown inn in Varfleet and meets Matty Roh, who plays a minor role in the narrative and has swordsmanship skills. Furthermore, the recently-coronated Queen Wren Elessedil proposes dealing with forces from the antagonistic Federation head-on rather than awaiting them in Arborlon, and regularly communicates with the messenger Tib Arne. The Wing Rider Tiger Ty also participates in the battles that span much of the storyline, with some good action throughout the book.

Overall, the final entry of the Heritage of Shannara subseries nicely finishes the various storylines of the characters, given the explanation in the final chapter of the characters’ fates, and I would definite recommend the tetralogy, along with the novels in the main series occurring chronologically beforehand. Granted, the backstory significant in the world of the franchise, consisting of the former advanced civilization of humankind, never receives reference, and the species of many characters never receive reminders, although I very much don’t regret reading the Heritage storyline, sure to satisfy fans of fantasy books in general.

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