Sunday, June 23, 2019

Gods and Kings


The ninth installment of author Joe Jackson’s Eve of Redemption series opens with a prologue briefly following Se’Lurasjza, an empress and high priest of Ashakku, and Lord of the Green. The main chapters commence with the ship Karmi’s Sword sailing, with protagonist Karian Vanador wishing to open an ancient Temple in hopes of counteracting the ambitions of Curlamanx, who has seized control of Si’Dorra. Once within the Temple, Kari finds the possibility of a deity known as the Great Mother resurrecting her lost husband Grakin and other deceased loved ones, although this is quickly forgotten for the rest of the story.

The Temple is just as quickly resealed after the main characters depart, with another of the protagonists, Leighandra, visiting Mehr’Durillia, which is essentially the underworld, with the revelations that Duke Curlamanx is holding Max’s father in Si’Dorra, where a succubus yearns for Kari’s blood, which holds the key to countering the fatal Dracon’s Bane that had once killed her in a previous life, in addition to her late husband. The archmage’s son Reese also returns home, with the heroes ultimately making it a goal to go to Dauchin-Rache, with The Vandrasse, something of an antagonist, coming in the way of the travelers.

The Isle of Morikk eventually becomes another destination for Kari and company, with their absence allowing rangers from the Khalarin Empire to scout the lands. Playing a minor role is a character nicknamed the Doppelganger, Dynas, whose double is influential enough to hold important posts. The story ends with a battle against legions from the Spearguard of Laeranore and the Aborean Guard, with the ninth book generally being enjoyable, although given the multitude of characters, one can find it a bit difficult to keep track of their various races and appearances, with the various terminology for them only defined after the main text.

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