Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Seven Deadly Sins

An anime about a group of ostracized warriors known as the Seven Deadly Sins, led by the youthful-looking Meliodas who owns the Boar Hat tavern, renowned for its drinks but not so much its food, and seeks his fellow Sins when Princess Elizabeth comes into his bar. The first main arc deals with the assembly of the Sins, most thought dead, with the final one not coming until the second primary plot sequence, when the Sins face a group of demons known as the Ten Commandments. Definitely a good fantastical anime, with a bit of raunchiness, although there are some things that don't translate very well to the English version, such as the talking pig Hawk constantly uttering "Piggy trot! Piggy trot!" when running, not to mention the characters calling the names of their special attacks.

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