Sunday, June 10, 2018

Faith of the Fallen

Faith of the Fallen.jpg

This Sword of Truth novel opens where its predecessor left off, with Kahlan injured and recovery, and Richard distraught at the loss of Anderith to the brutal rule of the Imperial Order. A woman named Nicci, known as Death’s Mistress and a servant of Emperor Jagang, kidnaps Richard and takes him into the Old World, posing as his husband and watching as the Lord Rahl becomes a working man. When Kahlan does require, she and the others back in the New World strategize to deal with the Imperial Order, who wish to target Aydindril to divide the Midlands and make other territory easy pickings.

Richard ultimately finds work as a sculptor, carving a statue for the Emperor’s new palace which, given its theme, incites revolution within the Imperial Order’s capital of Altur’Rang. Overall, this is another enjoyable entry of the series very much on par with its predecessors, although there seems to be plenty of filler within the text, given the lack of significant events throughout its dozens of chapters, and the author could have certainly indicated what differentiates the “Old” and “New” Worlds that serves as the settings for his stories.

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