Monday, January 23, 2017

A Thousand Salt Kisses Later

In the first sequel to Josie Demuth’s A Thousand Salt Kisses, four years have elapsed before protagonist and first-person narrator Crystal White fell in love with Llyr, a merman prince living in a colony off the coast of Starfish Island, and with whom she had an enchanting summer, although they eventually parted, with Crystal still holding him dear to her heart. She has recently graduated, although she has no foreseeable work, and thus, she returns to the island, ultimately gaining the opportunity to revisit the world of the merfolk, although Llyr has moved on, and she seeks to save their world and rekindle her former romance.

When the sequel commences, Crystal has been studying in London, has a relationship with Sam, and is seeking work at a bar and generally, an income to support herself. Eventually, she reconnects with the merfolk she had visited and is thrust once more into their underwater world, developing a relationship with Nephys. A submarine ball is forthcoming, during which Crystal seeks to find how to become human again, while furthering her relationship with other merfolk such as Jasper, with an antagonistic bond between her and Spirit, as well.

Overall, this is an enjoyable sequel that fans of the first book will enjoy, with a strong fantasy element with the contemporary setting that clearly places the book into the modern fantasy subgenre, although there are occasional confusing portions, such as one chapter referencing a male character with “he” but not identifying the speaker for some time, but otherwise, the read is worthwhile.

Josie Demuth is an author based in London. First published on Wattpad, her Salt Kisses series has garnered nearly four million reads and are now serialised on Radish Fiction. The second of this series, A Thousand Salt Kisses Later is her fourth novel.

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