Wednesday, September 21, 2016

There's Been a Change in Plans

Author and blogger Amy Koko has been active as a Huffington Post contributor in various sections and in blogging since 2011, with the writer acknowledging a few individuals in her memoir such as her sister, her coach and mentor Theo Nestor, her new love Michael, and her children from her previous marriage. Her memoir she dedicates to all women menopausal and divorcing, whom she assures will be just fine in spite of their predicaments. Each chapter of her memoir opens with a quote from various women, with at most two from Martha Stewart in latter chapters, alongside other luminaries such as Mother Teresa and Elizabeth Taylor.

The action opens with Koko admiring her washer and dryer when her soon-to-be-former husband Mark announces out of the blue that he had an affair, the story’s inciting incident that immediately hooks readers. She proceeds to find more information about her husband’s affair partner, and takes charge of their children. She consults her attorney, contemplates future marriage, encounters a slump in her life, and eventually gets things into order, accounting for a satisfying story that even men can enjoy, given its intricate look into the mind of a divorcing woman, and the various things through which they go during the annulment process.

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