Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Wish Rider


In the first sequel to author Barbara Casey’s The Cadence of Gypsies, which she dedicates to Sophia Bell and precedes with a rhyming proverb by James Carmichaell, the teenage Dara Roux and her closest friends, Mackenzie Yarborough and Jennifer Torres, all referred to as FIGs (Females of Intellectual Genius), have returned home from an excursion to Italy, where their mentor Carolina Lovel found that her biological parents were gypsies and had a connection to an enigmatic document known as the Voynich Manuscript. The trio has recently graduated from the Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women, with Dara seeking her birth mother, who might be in New York City.

Thus, they seek their target throughout the Big Apple, although as they do so, they find an ominous secret society that might hold the clue to why Dara was abandoned in a candy store years ago. The mystery of the whereabouts of Dara’s missing mother and the aforementioned cult definitely provide reason to read the sequel from start to finish, with the FIGs having occasional help along the way, the story itself ending on a positive note. Overall, this is an enjoyable sequel, although there are occasional untranslated terms that might vex readers not proficient in foreign languages. Even so, those that liked the first book will most likely enjoy the second.

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