Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Date Like a Girl Marry Like a Woman

Author Jessica R. Bunevacz acknowledges that romantic life can have its high and low portions, with everyone who becomes involved in a relationship having a unique idea on how they work. Despite these differences, most relationships bear the desire to love and get love in return. She writes this guide based on her own personal experiences with men and woman in her life, and presents a series of helpful guidelines to ensure that relationships don’t fall into common holes. She intends this guide to be read by women who are dating, about to marry, or are already wedded, and notes overall the importance of celebrating where one is on the journey of love.

She begins with a foreword and introduction that affirm that she wrote her guide out of love, betrayal, and glory, and that people should embrace the strongest aspects about themselves. The first half of the book is about dating, which she acknowledges has its share of difficulties, and distinguishes the various types of men, including those who make everything appeal dull, those who are self-deprecating, and so on. The writer proceeds to present several overall guidelines, such as setting standards on the first date, not talking too much, being mindful of how both partners communicate, and not discussing marriage early on.

The second half is for married women, with their own guidelines such as never saying no to fornication, respecting one’s husband, having notable culinary skills, providing for oneself and the family financially, and the like. Although the target audience for the guide is clearly women, even men can benefit from the guide and a woman’s perspective on relationship and marriage advice. Bunevacz does somewhat break the barrier in terms of traditional values, forgoing in the first half saving sex for marriage, although her view on relations definitely speaks to this reviewer, even though he doesn’t have plans in the near future to tread the waters of romance.

What do you get when you mix a strict Catholic upbringing, a strong curiosity for the opposite sex, and the need to grow up quickly? If you're lucky you get an outcome like Jessica Bunevacz, the vivacious and outspoken first time author behindDate Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman: The Polished Woman's Guide to Love, Romance, and Sex.

Born Jessica Rodriguez in the Philippines and raised by her grandparents after the separation of her mother and father, Bunevacz was thrust into the role of provider after the murder of her mother when she was fifteen. With four siblings relying on her she began work early, first as a live mannequin and later as a model, actress, talent manager and television host. The jobs not only helped her to support her siblings, but also her first two children. One of her proudest moments while working in entertainment was as the force behind a project called “Miss Ugly No More” where women were showed how they could feel and look their best. Juggling family and work Bunevacz was not content to simply sit on the sidelines while life passed her by, and dating became her favorite contact sport.

​Traveling frequently for work and fascinated by men it wasn't long before she developed a set of rules to snag them, and guidelines for how she could remain at her best without being bested by the games others were playing. It wasn't long before she became a self-proclaimed MANnizer, capable of capturing and holding the attention of whoever interested her, while also continuing to do what was in her best interest as both a mother and entrepreneur with both family and a business to protect.

A romantic at heart however she soon stopped her pursuit of “Mr. Right Now” when she met the man who was “Mr. Right”, the man who became her husband. Newly married, she found herself rethinking everything she knew and realized that the same qualities that made a woman an amazing girlfriend didn't necessarily work for a wife. Rather than wait for someone else to write a marriage manual, she retooled her dating rules for herself to apply for a life after marriage. Jessica Bunevacz is now a happily married wife and mother of three currently residing in California.

While her life has been unconventional she has no regrets, and lives with the understanding that we all have the same basic desire: to feel loved, whether it's just for one night or for an entire lifetime. Using her own life experiences as a basis she develop real-world relationship advice to help women feel more confident and comfortable whether they're dating or have already said "I do".

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