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Dreamers are said to be results-oriented individuals, with author Marcia Wieder designing this self-help book to aid such people and help turn their lives around and better the world, emphasizing that one’s ability to dream is critical for assisting one in creating the life of their dreams. It intends to help anyone create dreams both personal and professional, with many real steps such as understanding who one really is, how one wants their life, how to devise inspirational dreams, how to look at one’s life freshly, how to get various obstacles out of one’s way, and how to create various advantages.

The author dedicates her manual to all who dare to dream, and acknowledges various parties in the creation of her book such as friends, publishing partners, family, and God. Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul story anthologies, provides a foreword highlighting his forty-plus years in teaching people how to achieve their dreams. The following author’s introduction notes that she designed her book to help people understand who they are and why they’re in the world in the first place. The three primary steps she emphasizes to making dreams come true include clarifying one’s dreams, believing in one’s dream, and acting upon one’s dreams, with five subdivisions for each chief sequence.

Wider opens the first official chapter with mention that Oprah Winfrey confided in her that she sought a “passion expert,” and that individuals need to know what they wish for in order to dream, with clarification of said reverie being necessary. She further states that the path to one’s dreams starts at their current location, and concludes that regardless of what readers love to do, it’s possible to receive some form of compensation. Overall, this is an excellent self-help guide for all the dreamers in the world that yearn to live ideal lives, with occasional checklists and diagrams abetting her manual, and ultimately being a recommended read.

Dream University’s CEO, Marcia Wieder is a long established thought leader on visionary thinking. As Founder of The Meaning Institute, she teaches people to create and live fulfilling lives. She’s been a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, writes for Huffington Post and is the author of 14 books. She appeared often on Oprah and was featured in her own PBS-TV show called Making Your Dreams Come True.

She has taught at Stanford’s Business School and as president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she assisted 3 U.S. presidents. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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