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Aoléon The Martian Girl Part Three - The Hollow Moon


The cover art of the third installment features Gilbert riding upon a hoverboard with the backdrop of the beautiful Martian city to which Aoléon brought him far away from a Nebraska farm. The previous book in this series ended after a psi-ball match, with Aoléon, Gilbert, and others celebrating the match at a pizza place. Chapter Nine of the franchise, book number three continuing its chapter numbering from prior books instead of standardly resetting it like most written sequels, opens at Luminon’s Palace in the Martian Megalopolis, itself located in Olympus Mons, the massive Martian volcano.


The ninth chapter of the Aoléon pantheon opens with a bit of backstory about how the Martian city’s ruling leaders came to power, with Aoléon and Gilbert paying it a little visit, alongside which comes more description on the city’s structure. Both sneak into the palace, with the first illustration within the book depicting Aoléon front and center in a spacesuit, with Gilbert behind, also in a spacesuit, the two within a tunnel lined by greenish patterns. Within the passageway, both encounter the palace’s self-defense system, the following artwork showing Gilbert trapped within a plasmic aura, although Aoléon seems to be continuing her ascent.

Gilbert eventually is free from the shocking device, the two continuing through the tunnel into the palace ventilation system, eventually getting a glimpse while in hiding of the Luminon, an especially-tall alien that the book’s third illustration nicely depicts against the backdrop of the city. After the Luminon interrogates an insurgent, the book describes a half-alien half-machine being that the following piece of art illustrates, along with another unusually-tall Martian yet another artwork displays, with shining skin and armor, Sisyphus being  his name. He, the Luminon, and the machine/alien hybrid, named Cerberus, proceed to discuss how to take care of the forthcoming rebellion, another piece of art depicting the three characters conversing with a beautiful view of the Martian cityscape.

Part of the Luminon and his cronies’ plan involves taking control of Terra, better known as Earth’s, milk supply, the next illustration depicting a close-up of the Martian leader’s angry face and the top part of his armor. The chapter ends with Aoléon and Gilbert phase-jumping away from the palace.


The tenth chapter of the series opens with Aoléon and Gilbert visiting the Galactworks facility that produces Mars’ galactmilk supply, produced by bovars, the Martian equivalent of Earth’s cows, although the section’s first illustration depicts the two on a plaza with Saturn-shaped structures in the air not to mention a hexagon-patterned wall and other aliens in the background. Aoléon and Gilbert task themselves to defend the facility from sabotage, the next piece of art showing a maintenance bot hovering above the bovars, white animals with turquoise patterns across their bodies, the beasts grazing upon grass-laden platforms, a greenish light coming from the mentioned mechanism.

Aoléon and Gilbert pursue a saboteur through the facility with the help of an alien named Zoot, the next artwork depicting the being holding onto one of the legs of the vandal. The two get further help from other nameless aliens, the next illustration depicting them queued within the gorgeous galact plant. Aoléon’s father Deimos, working in the factory, rushes to help the two, the following art depicting Aoléon and Gilbert running from the maintenance bot that in the picture is expelling a greenish light. The chapter ends with Aoléon and Gilbert going to Martian school the next day, the former yearning to take her pilot’s exam.

Hollow Moon

Chapter Eleven opens at the Martian Space Academy, with the time coming for Aoléon’s pilot examination, part of which the section’s first illustration depicts of a view of the test vessel in Martian orbit with the sun and several smaller vessels in the backdrop. Complications, however, arise during the test, with Draconian warriors taking Aoléon and Gilbert to Martian moon of Phobos, the second artwork depicting a hangar within the moon containing several floating cylindrical vessels with smaller ships across them. Following this is a description of the Draconians, along with an illustration of some of them accompanying Aoléon and Gilbert, the two then within bluish stasis fields.

The second subsection of the chapter occurs immediately after the first within the Phobos Moon, the Draconians transporting the two prisoners to a coliseum where they face off against a giant monster depicted in the subsection’s first illustration, the beast having many arms, hands, and eyes. After their encounter with the creature, known as the Sukr’ath, Draconian guards take them to an interrogation by the head dragon, Caput Draconis, of the lunar facility, an illustration depicting his horned head and body and purplish skin, this being also known as the Ciakar wondering why Aoléon and Gilbert were in the facility’s vicinity.

During his interrogation, the Ciakar clutches Gilbert by his next, another illustration depicting this while Aoléon helplessly looks on, with some backstory revealed afterward about the Draco and the human race. The following artwork depicts Gilbert and Aoléon’s eventual savior, clad in dark armor with laser claws, the art a paragraph later revealing who is beneath the suit alongside the text, and the action moving in a third subsection to the rescuer’s saucer, the chapter ending with a return to Aoléon’s home.

Gilbert Skyboards

Chapter Twelve opens at Luminon’s palace, where he discusses with his cronies a forthcoming invasion of Earth. The primary subsection terminates with an illustration depicting Aoléon and Gilbert atop a hoverboard with the shining Martian city as a backdrop, the action in the second subsection taking readers to the Martian Space Academy, whence they go to the city’s commercial district. Afterward is the subsection’s first art depicting the primary protagonists atop a yellow, blue-striped hoverboard with a crowd distantly below them, the two meeting the pioneer of hoverboards on Mars, Mu-Eri.

Gilbert ultimately receives a hoverboard of his own, depicted as red with blue oval stripes in the next piece of art, and he proves to be a natural according to the text. The illustration immediately afterward shows the two flying closer to one of the city’s plazas, the civilians seeming not to care about their presence. The two ultimately find themselves in pursuit by the paladins, the next illustration depicting one of them firing upon the two with a pair of plasma beams high in the city. A paragraph later comes the next art where Aoléon has a plasmic sphere conjured within her right hand while still on her hoverboard.

The visual scene that follows depicts one of the paladins forced off his vehicle by Aoléon’s conjured energy sphere, the graphic afterward showing Gilbert making a getaway as those paladins still aboard their vehicle attempt to fire upon him. The third entry ends with Aoléon returning home with Gilbert and receiving a bit of a shock, after which they vanish en route to their next mission.


After the main text is a glossary describing the various terms used throughout the novella, perfect for younger readers that don’t quite grasp some of the more advanced vernacular. Then comes the author’s special thanks to many individuals and groups. Ultimately, the third book is very enjoyable like its predecessors, with the artwork in particular definitely enhancing the reader’s experience regardless of their age group, alongside good descriptive text and dialogue, the indicators before each chapter’s section of the action’s current location very much helping the book, which doesn’t really leave much room for improvement, and is highly recommended.

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